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Ellen Nickles

Augmenting Creative Practices with ML


The workshop

Human-machine learning collaborations often yield unexpected results. What lines might emerge when you draw with a machine? What new compositions might you find in the latent space of a generative image model? This session will present several methods for experimenting with ML models to quickly iterate through visual ideas and perhaps discover serendipitous outcomes. Demonstrations and activities will use beginner-friendly tools such as Google’s Teachable Machine, p5.js, ml5.js, and RunwayML. Coding experience is helpful but not required. Templates will be provided for participants to quickly customize and experiment with their own examples.

Workshop Format
This online, hands-on workshop will last 2.5 hours and include breaks between modules to facilitate an energetic pace. Workshop language is english.


Ellen Nickles is a New York-based artist, researcher, and educator working with emerging technologies to create interactive experiences. Her work often explores how the context of participation—with humans, machines, or both—impacts conversation and connection. She teaches beginner-friendly machine learning workshops to collaborate with others and experiment with the creative possibilities. Ellen holds a master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where she is currently completing a postdoctoral fellowship. Previously she designed educational resources for RunwayML and developed innovative, interdisciplinary curricula for students at The Dalton School.

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